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When I lived in the area I took my car here all the time. And when I go back to visit family, if it's time for an oil change or rotation, I'll still get it done here. I've never had a problem. Ernie is great. I'm not sure about the people complaining about having to wait for an oil change with nothing but a Readers Digest and the news on mute. They have a 50"+ TV in the waiting area and a computer to use. They also have WiFi. Granted, I've only taken my car in for oil changes and rotations, so I can't speak to how they handle larger issues, but from the experience I've had, I can recommend them.


I went to Sterling Car Care to get my driver's side door handle replaced (it had stopped working), an oil change and a radiator flush and fill. They were close to where I lived and I wanted to give them a try. The repairs were done correctly but I have some major beefs. First, they seemed determined to find ever more things to fix (right down to telling me I needed to get my plastic headlamps polished). Second, they promised that the car would be ready when it wasn't (multiple times; I had to call THEM to find this out). Finally, when I did pick up the car, they tried to charge me for the door handle (a $242 part) twice. I caught this just after I paid. "Oh, we would have seen that eventually anyway," the guy behind the counter said. Sure. It's possible that my experience was an aberration but I wouldn't recommend Sterling Car Care. Try someplace like H & I Expert in Sterling Heights or Buck's Garage in Mt. Clemens instead


The thing that made me so upset about this place is the fact that it took 1 1/2 hours to change my oil- and I had an appointment! I just sat there waiting and waiting, with only old Reader's Digest and the news on mute to keep me entertained. I wonder if they forgot about me. It doesn't matter now because I'm never going back.

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